• 1) As a client, should I make a deposit via the site?
    • Yes it is required to make a deposit so you can book the model you want. (we require an online deposit). Also, all remaining fees are to be brought on the day in cash only. Let say the session cost $300, (online deposit being $100) and the day of the session you bring $200 (pay attention to conversion rates for other currencies). You can charge your wallet first, and when you book a performer, the money is used as deposit. If you cancel 10 days prior to session date, the deposit is returned to your Wallet. (be responsable and respect the lady work).

  • 2) As a client do you take commission on my deposit?
    • No, we don't take any commission on your deposit. So you will not pay any extra fee.

  • 3) Do I as a client really get a VIP invitation to your fbb show?
    • Yes we reward you for being a loyal user of the site. So you get one free invitation per $200 deposit (2 deposits of $100 each)

  • 4) Is my real name displayed?
    • We take your privacy very seriously. We are committed to your privacy and protection of your personal information. So we ll never share or display your private informations.

  • 5) Can I pay the full session in advance on your site?
    • For now it is not possible, we are working on adding this feature very soon.

  • 6) What is the amount of the deposit?
    • For each session we take $100 deposit out of your wallet (you can charge your wallet of the number of deposit you want, i.e. if you add $400 in your wallet, this mean you have 4 deposits available, each of $100).

If you have more questions, feel free to send us an email or contact us via the chat box that will be implemented very soon on our site.

Why us?

Why work with us?

There are too many time waster out there that annoy the Sessionist (performer). We want to avoid that! We want the sessionnist to have a great experience on our site!

For the client (person who want a session) it is a secured place where his deposit is kept. No more "no show from the sessionnist". No more fake and scam: we got your back. Leave a true review after you booked online: no more fake review or rating. Rating are done by true clients who actually met the girls.

Add 2 Deposits of $100 each in your wallet and get these gifls:
- Free VIP access to our Fbb Show in his area with celebrity fbb like Nataliya Kuznetsova,
- Free access to her Fanswise page for 2 months.
- 1 month Free access to Dailyfbbclips Fanswise with various amazing fbb videos.

More gifts:
Book 10 sessions with us during 12 months and get a free session with the performer of your choice. Wherever you are. Price of the session must be $350 max.