mara fabiana compañone


Gender: female
Age: 52
Height: 1,60 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Physique: bodybuilding
Hourly Rate: $ 350.00


About me

i am a woman bodybuider i have been training for about 33 years i compite in women bodybuilding i am three times 1 st place world champion in europe WPF and three times south american champion nabba and wff and several times 1 st place Argentina"s champion .If you want to ask something you can a mail me



Mara is GREAT!

David8 months ago

I had a great session with Mara when she was in Los Angeles. She is beautiful and has wonderful muscle shapes. Even though she was off-season she was still hard and defined. She was also very strong. She was very friendly and loved to pose. If she ever comes to the US again, please make the effort to see her. It's an over 13 hour trip for her to make from Argentina, so show her your support when she comes. She is very good looking, has a lot of muscle and loves what she does. And I think her rates are very reasonable. Anyone who loves FBBs and sessions should book her if she ever comes anywhere near their city.


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