Why work with us? 

There are too many time waster out there that annoy the Sessionist (performer). We want to avoid that!
We want the sessionnist to have a great experience on our site!

For the client (person who want a session) it is a secured place where his deposit is kept.
No more "no show from the sessionnist".
No more fake and scam: we got your back. Leave a true review after you booked online: no more fake review or rating. 
Rating are done by true clients who actually met the girls.

Add 2 Deposits of $100 each in your wallet and get these gifls:
- Free VIP access to our Fbb Show in his area with celebrity fbb like Nataliya Kuznetsova,
- Free access to her Fanswise page for 2 months.
- 1 month Free access to Dailyfbbclips Fanswise with various amazing fbb videos.

More gifts:
Book 10 sessions with us during 12 months and get a free session with the performer of your choice. Wherever you are. Price of the session must be $350 max.